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Food Grade Ball Valves | U.S. Manufactured

Existing & Custom Designs Available
All of our food grade ball valves are designed, manufactured and sold factory-direct from our New Hampshire headquarters.
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What Is a Food Grade Ball Valve?

Food grade (or food safe) valves are any valves made from materials that can safely come in contact with substances meant for human consumption. Valves deemed food safe are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and stamped with the initials NSF®.

Any piping system that transports drinking water, cooking oil or any other fluid media involved in food processing will feature food grade ball valves. Sanitary piping systems, which include those used for food processing, require an unobstructed flow and tight shutoff capabilities; ball valves can provide both.

Food safe ball valves are available with a wide range of pipe connection types. In some applications where the media flowing through the valve is susceptible to spoiling, tri-clamp connections are required so that the valve can easily be disassembled and cleaned on a regular basis. These are typically made of stainless steel or carbon steel, but valves in low-pressure and low-temperature applications can be made of plastics like PVC and glass-reinforced nylon. Most ball valves, regardless of application, are compatible with pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or manual actuators.

Configure & Order Your Food Grade Ball Valves
Food Grade Ball Valve Applications
2 way ball valve

Food grade ball valves are used in piping systems for the following applications:

  • Food production and processing
  • Drinking water
  • Beverage processing
  • Wine-making
  • Brewing
  • Consumable oil production
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
Our NSF Food Grade Ball Valves

Before a product can earn the NSF® certification, every aspect of its development is thoroughly evaluated. This includes extensive product testing, analyses of product materials and unannounced plant inspections.

If you manufacture equipment or have applications requiring ball valves that have been tested and certified by NSF®, Gemini Valve can meet your needs.

We have decades of experience servicing many segments of the food equipment industry that require NSF-certified products. We offer ball valves that have been NSF®-tested and certified for:

  • Food oil
  • Water
  • Air
  • CO2
  • Soft drinks (carbonated and non-carbonated)
  • Syrups
Why Choose Gemini Valve?

Everything Under One Roof

No outsourcing. No resellers. Your food grade ball valves are always designed, manufactured, tested, supplied and supported directly from our New Hampshire-based facility.

With everything under the same roof, our customers benefit from quick responses, factory-direct support and custom product design capabilities.

  • 50+ Years of Engineering Expertise
  • USA-Based Facility in Rural New Hampshire
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • 100% In-House Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution & Support
Looking for a Custom Food Grade Ball Valve?

If your application requires a new, custom solution, our engineering team is ready to get to work.

We design, manufacture, test and distribute all of our ball valves from our fully equipped, 60,000 sq.ft. facility. You’ll have direct access to our engineers, who will work tirelessly to develop an application-specific solution for your business.

Ask Us About Our Custom Ball Valve Design Services

Get a Quote for Your Project

For the most accurate pricing information, we’re happy to provide a quote for your specific application. In most cases, we will respond within 1 business hour!

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