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Vacuum Rated Ball Valves | U.S. Manufactured

Existing & Custom Designs Available
All of our vacuum rated ball valves are designed, manufactured and sold factory-direct from our New Hampshire headquarters.
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What Is a Vacuum Rated Ball Valve?

Vacuum rated ball valves are used to maintain negative (vacuum) pressure in a piping system or sealed chamber. They feature prominently in medical and scientific settings, such as research laboratories, and are also found in industrial pick-and-place systems that perform tasks involving lifting and stacking.

To be most effective, vacuum rated ball valves should have a quick response time, excellent sealing abilities in the “off” position and the ability to operate in between two different pressure levels. In some applications, vacuum rated ball valves can even operate in sub-zero temperatures, which makes them ideal for use in freeze-drying and nuclear fusion research.

Since many vacuum applications require smaller valves, vacuum rated ball valves are widely available in compact sizes. They come in 2- and 3-way designs and are compatible with all actuator types.

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Vacuum Rated Ball Valve Applications
2 way ball valve

Vacuum ball valves are used in piping systems for the following applications:

  • Research laboratories
  • Plastic molding
  • Coating
  • Heat treating
  • Construction bake-out
  • Pick-and-place robotics
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Vacuum engineering
  • Freeze-drying
  • Leak testing
  • Gas analysis
  • Nuclear fusion research
  • Medical applications requiring suction (e.g. radiotherapy, radiosurgery and radiopharmacy)
  • Atmospheric vacuum metallurgy
  • Production fluid evacuation
  • Automobile fill machinery
Our Vacuum Rated Ball Valves

As a total manufacturer of ball valves, Gemini Valve is in a unique position to hold all major valve components to exact specifications with very precise tolerances. We are also one of the few manufacturers who utilize machined seats and seals in our ball valves — this enables our standard General Industrial Series Ball Valves to be used in a variety of pressure and vacuum applications down to 20 microns.

An important note on vacuum ratings: While some suppliers state that their ball valves will pull ‘x’ inches of mercury (Hg) and remain leak-tight, this does not account for changes in the atmospheric pressure due to weather or location. For example, the pressure of the atmosphere at sea level on a standard day will raise the level of mercury in a tube to a height of 29.92 inches (760 mm). As the pressure is reduced, the column of mercury in the tube will drop. If the pressure is reduced to zero (absolute vacuum), the level of mercury in the tube will be at the same level of mercury in the container.

If a supplier rates their ball valve as being able to pull 28 inches of mercury, and the barometric pressure on that day in a specific location is 27, it would suggest the valve has a vacuum rating below absolute vacuum — which is not possible.

When rating our Gemini Valve General Industrial Series Ball Valves for Vacuum Service, we do not measure the amount of inches pulled from the top down, but rather from the bottom up (absolute vacuum). Thus, normal changes in barometric pressure do not affect the vacuum rating.

Why Choose Gemini Valve?

Everything Under One Roof

No outsourcing. No resellers. Your pneumatic actuated ball valves are always designed, manufactured, tested, supplied and supported directly from our New Hampshire-based facility.

With everything under the same roof, our customers benefit from quick responses, factory-direct support and custom product design capabilities.

  • 50+ Years of Engineering Expertise
  • USA-Based Facility in Rural New Hampshire
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • 100% In-House Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution & Support
Looking for a Custom Vacuum Rated Ball Valve?

If your application requires a new, custom solution, our engineering team is ready to get to work.

We design, manufacture, test and distribute all of our ball valves from our fully equipped, 60,000 sq.ft. facility. You’ll have direct access to our engineers, who will work tirelessly to develop an application-specific solution for your business.

Ask Us About Our Custom Ball Valve Design Services

Get a Quote for Your Project

For the most accurate pricing information, we’re happy to provide a quote for your specific application. In most cases, we will respond within 1 business hour!

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