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3-Way Ball Valves

Available in Standard & Custom Designs
Designed, manufactured, distributed and supported directly from our headquarters in New Hampshire.
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  • What is a 3-Way Ball Valve?
  • T-Port & L-Port 3-Way Ball Valves
  • Manual & Automated 3-Way Ball Valves
  • Applications for 3-Way Ball Valves
  • Features of Our 3-Way Ball Valves
  • Available 3-Way Ball Valves
  • Why Choose Gemini Valve?
  • Custom 3-Way Ball Valves
What is a 3-Way Ball Valve?

Three-way ball valves are the most popular and economical type of multi-port valves. This style of valve is commonly used in applications with more than one source of media or to divert media in two different directions.

Depending on the flow direction, the three ports are assigned as either one outlet and two inlets, or one inlet and two outlets.

A 3-way ball valve provides the ability to:

  • Mix two different types of media (Selector Valve)
  • Divert the flow of media (Diverter Valve)
Configure & Order Your 3-Way Ball Valves
T-Port & L-Port 3-Way Ball Valves

Three-way ball valves are most commonly configured with L-Port or T-Port flow patterns. The ball valve is drilled into a specific design, creating either an L- or T-shaped port.

Each design serves a specific function. An L-port valve draws media from multiple sources or diverts media between two different destinations. A T-port valve serves a very similar function, the main difference being that in the normal position the media will flow straight through from one side of the T to the other.

The T-port can also be configured to have media flow directly through the valve in position #1 and all ports open in position #2. An L-port valve cannot be configured to have all valve ports open simultaneously.

Manual & Automated 3-Way Ball Valves
ManualElectric ActuatedPneumatic Actuated
Handle options include:
  • Lever Handle
  • Latching, Lockable Lever Handle
  • Oval Handle
  • Wing Handle
Compact, Fast-Acting Configurations Available

Fold-Out Manual Override Available
Styles Include:
  • Double-Acting (with/without Failsafe)
  • Spring-Return
  • Solenoid Valve Add-Ons Available
    View Electric Actuated Ball ValvesView Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves

    Get a Quote for Your Project

    For the most accurate pricing information, we’re happy to provide a quote for your specific application. In most cases, we will respond within 1 business hour!

    Applications for 3-Way Ball Valves

    Three-way ball valves can be used as diverters or input selectors. Our 3-way ball valves are designed for use in the following applications:

    • Process Control Applications
    • Sterilizers & Autoclaves
    • Bottling & Dispensing
    Features of Our 3-Way Ball Valves
      Made in the USA
      Factory-Direct Support
      100% Tested In House
      Reliable Sealing
      Competitively Priced
      No Reseller Markups
      Ultra-Compact Design
      Application-Specific Customizations Available
    Available 3-Way Ball Valves
    Gemini Valve_3 Way Ball Valves_309 pneumatic

    We use the latest technology and manufacturing processes to ensure that all Gemini Valve 3-way ball valves are engineered to precise specifications.

    Valve body materials include carbon steel and stainless steel, and feature a self-wear compensating stem seal design for long-lasting, leak-tight service.

    Why Choose Gemini Valve?

    All Production & Distribution Under One Roof

    Our 3-way ball valves are designed, manufactured, tested, distributed and supported directly from our facility in New Hampshire.

    With all processes under one roof, our customers experience rapid support, direct contact with our engineers and fully customized design options.

    • 50+ Years of Engineering Expertise
    • USA-Based Facility in Rural New Hampshire
    • Family Owned & Operated
    • 100% In-House Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution & Support
    Searching for a Custom 3-Way Ball Valve?

    That just so happens to be our specialty. Our engineering team is ready to design and manufacture a new, unique 3-way ball valve solution for your exact specifications.

    All custom ball valves are backed by our expert engineers and their decades of experience. It all happens in our 60,000 sq.ft. facility, which is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that all customizations are executed carefully and precisely.

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