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B410 & A420 Series Pneumatic Actuators for Gemini Ball Valves

The 400 Series is Gemini’s original direct mount pneumatic actuator line. Gemini Pneumatic Actuator’s simple rack and pinion design, made possible through unique manufacturing techniques, results in a bar stock actuator which is com-pact, efficient and trouble free. A spring return option extends the capability of the design to meet the needs of those services requiring a spring action to either open or close the valve. Conversion from double acting to spring return simply requires the replacement of the end cap with a spring module. Available with pilot valves and Limit Switches. They can be used with our 76, 86, 96, 89 and 309 Series Ball Valves.


Compact, Lightweight Aluminum Body and Bracket featuring both Internal and External Teflon-Impregnated Hard Anodized Surfaces Stainless Steel External Trim & Viton O-rings Standard

Direct Valve Stem Coupling to Actuator Shaft Minimizes Backlash

Manual Override

Available with Integral NAMUR Pilot Valve or can be Remotely Piloted

Available with Limit Switches

Easily Visible Open / Shut Position Read Out


Pneumatic Actuators are designed to operate in ambient temperatures between -20° F (-28.0° C)and +350° F (+175°C). Care must be taken to assure that the moisture content of the air supply is sufficiently low to prevent icing within the actuator.

Air Supply:
Sufficient air delivery must be available at the actuator to ensure dependable operation. The following precautions should be observed: Air supply should be clean and dry. When dirty or wet air is a problem; a filter / separator should be specified; these units are most effective when installed as closely as possible to the actuator. A filter, when used, should permit a minimum flow of 4 scfm at an upstream pressure of 60 psi. Eliminate severe restrictions to airflow (certain solenoid valves & fittings). The most restricted passage must have an area no smaller than .003" square, the area of 1/16" diameter orifice. If more than a single actuator is to be supplied by an individual pilot, the minimum passage requirement applies per actuator. Tubing: For short runs up to 5 feet 5/32" I.D. is suitable, 1/4" I.D. will serve up to 30 feet. For longer runs, use 3/8" I.D. or larger.

Port Connections: 1/8" N.P.T.