How to Read Ball Valve Markings [Downloadable Cheat Sheet]

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Identify the Right Product for Your Application

Ball valves are marked with codes and abbreviations that denote the standards to which the valve has been tested, as well as the applications for which the valve is intended.

Because ball valves can be constructed with various different components, using a wide range of materials and designs, there are hundreds of options available from manufacturers who use a variety of markings.

Understanding these markings can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This resource provides a helpful “cheat sheet” for identifying and interpreting these markings at a glance. Download the comprehensive guide here, which includes:

  • General Ball Valve Markings
  • Ball Valve Ratings
  • Testing & Quality Assurance Ball Valve Markings
  • Examples of Ball Valve Markings

Get the Guide- How to Read Ball Valve Markings [Downloadable Cheat Sheet]