BSP & NPT Conversion Size Chart & Guide

BSP & NPT Threads: Your Essential Conversion Guide

Key Insights Into Thread Standards and Sizes

Explore essential insights into pipe threading standards with our British Standard Pipe (BSP) & National Pipe Thread (NPT) Conversion Guide. This resource is designed for professionals in the valve industry and related sectors and offers clear, detailed information.

Key elements of the guide include:

  • Thread Standards Guide: Detailed comparison of BSP and NPT threads, highlighting their differences and specific applications in various industries.
  • Conversion Charts: Precise and easy-to-use charts for accurate BSP-NPT conversion, aiding in quick decision-making and error reduction.
  • Historical Overview: An overview of the evolution of BSP and NPT standards, providing context and understanding of their current usage.
  • Selection Tips: Practical advice for selecting the right threads based on system requirements and industry standards.
  • Measurement Methods: Step-by-step instructions on how to accurately measure and identify BSP and NPT threads, enhancing accuracy in fittings and installations.

BSP & NPT Threads: Your Essential Conversion Guide