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87 High Cycle - Maintenance Free Series, NPT, �" - 1"

Brass & Stainless Steel

Gemini's' 87 Series high cycle ball valve features the latest innovations in a premium quality, long lasting, and truly maintenance free automated valve. Suited for a variety of applications including those involving high cycling where stem seal leakage is problematic or where extended maintenance-free service is desired.

Available with 12 & 24VDC electric models or double-acting pneumatic actuator that can be remote piloted or with interface can be fitted with Gemini 4GP Series solenoid valve available in a variety of voltages. Product can be modified to best meet many O.E.M. applications.

Patent Pending - Long Lasting, Maintenance Free Stem Seal

The addition of two o-ring seals adds a new dimension to our proven self compensating stem seal design. Stem seal integrity is achieved by three independent and distinct elements for excellent longevity.

A lower, dual purpose stem seal and thrustbearing made from reinforced Teflon� acts as a primary static seal. A center o-ring seal provides the main dynamic seal. The gland for this o-ring is located on the stem so that it maintains a predictable preload. Finally, an external o-ring provides both a secondary static and dynamic seal. This final seal is spring compensated to make up for extreme cycling and wear. As the o-ring and PTFE seals wears, the springs apply a constant axial force on a hardened stainless washer forcing the o-ring below to expand radially and maintain contact with the stem. The traditional stem (packing) nut has been eliminated and replaced with a captive, fixed-preload retaining ring. This eliminates the danger of incorrectly tightening the nut which can result in premature stem seal leaks. The valve is designed to maintain its integrity without any adjustment or maintenance of the stem seal preload.

Patent Pending - Valve To Actuator Coupling Design

A key element in long stem seal life is to minimize stem side loading resulting from valve to actuator mis-alignment. Our unique valve to actuator coupling system utilizes a precisely machined locating bonnet and mating actuator gland to ensure nearly perfect alignment. Two intersecting clamp screws are used to complete the mounting process by pulling the valve into the actuator and locking it rigidly in place. These clamp screws are easy accessible.



Long-lasting, maintenance free stem seal. Ideal for high cycle applications or where extended maintenance free service is desired.

Bubble tight closure. Each valve is bubble tested to ensure that all sealing points function properly.

Pneumatic Actuator:

Superior mounting system for precise valve to actuator alignment ensuring long cycle life.

Lightweight hard anodized aluminum with stainless steel trim.

Remotely piloted or available with NAMUR interface for direct pilot valve mounting.

Electric Actuator:

Fast 1.5 second index time.

Ultra compact design

Superior mounting system for precise valve to actuator alignment ensuring long cycle life.

Can be customized to best suit specific O.E.M. application.



-20° F to 350° F with P.T.F.E. & Viton Seals
-20° F to 180° F with P.T.F.E. & EPR / EPDM Seals
1,000 p.s.i. C.W.P. (100�F) - Limited Duty
500 p.s.i. C.W.P. - Full Duty
(also see Pressure / Temperature Chart)

Pneumatic Actuator:

-20°F to 180°F with standard Buna N Seals
-20°F to 350°F with optional Viton Seals

PRESSURE: 60 - 125 p.s.i.

CYCLE TIME: � - 1 second


AIR PORT CONNECTIONS: 1/8" NPT or optional NAMUR interface

Electric Actuator:

TEMPERATURE: 40°F to 221°F

CYCLE TIME: 1-3 seconds dependent on model

24DC Start 1.6 - 3.2, Running .8 - 1.6 dependent on specific model
12DC Start 3.4 - 6.2, Running 1.7 - 3.1 dependent on specific model

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Sub-Micro 9mm connector, 4 pin, 20 AWG