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Gemini Valve has over 25 years of experience in working with OEMs and End Users in developing custom solutions for specific industry applications. In many cases these new, highly specialized products have been developed from our existing line of industry proven products to ideally suit the customers application.

To enable us to determine if we can best meet your Customized Valve needs please complete the following Customized Product Request form or contact a member or our Solutions Team. We provide prompt professional response with no sales pressure or obligation.

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Collaborative Custom Design Products in 2D/3D Models Offered in a variety of Formats Including:

Case Studies

Production Test Equipment

In this case a design and fabrication contractor of testing equipment for the semiconductor industry sought a sub-miniature on/off valve for the control of R434a refrigerant. The refrigerant was to be used to cool the chips during the production burn-in phase in a new generation of production testing equipment. The valves needed to be compact, cycle continuously for an extreme number of life cycles and be to survive in a demanding environment; all at a reasonable cost. Gemini Valve not only designed the right-size solution, we perfected the unique manufacturing and testing technology required by the innovative design. The end result Value Through Innovation. To learn how Gemini can design a custom valve solution for your company call us now @ 603 895-4761 or complete the Customized Product Request Form.

Specialized Industrial Machinery

When an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Atmospheric / Heat Treating Furnaces were looking to simplify their automated valve needs they called on Gemini Valve. Gemini Valve has been used by OEMs and end users of these furnaces for over 25 years due to our reliable, leak-tight performance record. The challenge was to replace three control valves and the jumble of associated plumbing with a single valve that could serve the same purpose. Through Geminis innovative engineering approach, a design concept was quickly provided to the customer via a 3D model. After the model was approved, a prototype was produced in only a few weeks and production commenced shortly thereafter. The customer was able to save installation time, space and greatly simplify the controls for their system. To learn how Gemini can simplify your valve requirements call us now @ 603 895-4761 or complete the Customized Product Request Form.